Chef Daniel Vicente Mendoza

Daniel Vicente Mendoza is a seasoned chef with a deep passion for crafting delicious and innovative dishes.

With a culinary education from Le Cordon Bleu de Paris in 2007, he has sharpened his skills in a range of esteemed kitchens, including The Ambassador Steak House, MGM Grand Hotel & Casino’s Emeril’s New Orleans Fish House, Palazzo Hotel & Casino’s Emeril’s Table 10, and Sushi Samba.

Throughout his extensive career in the food industry, Daniel has held several executive chef positions in thriving restaurants such as Mesa 5 Fusion Tapas, Ounce Steak House, Aji Latin/Asian Cuisine, La Diana Alta Cocina, Cocos Cocina de Playa, and at Los Azulejos restaurant.

His mastery of French, Latin, and Asian cuisine allows him to create truly unique fusion dishes that set him apart as a standout chef. With his culinary creativity and love for food, he has gained a reputation as one of the top chefs in the industry, and every dish he prepares showcases his unwavering commitment to excellence.

Daniel’s love for cooking started at a young age when he spent many hours cooking alongside his grandfather. This early introduction to the culinary arts kindled a spark within Daniel that would shape his future. Observing his grandfather’s ability to transform simple ingredients into culinary magic, Daniel was inspired to pursue a career in cooking. As he matured, his passion for the kitchen grew more substantial, and he knew that being a chef was his destiny. Through hard work and determination, he has become a highly successful and respected chef who now infuses every dish he serves with love at Colette.