Chef Rodrigo Landa

Sous Chef Rodrigo Landa ignites the kitchen with his passion for culinary arts.

From his earliest memories in the kitchens surrounded by his mom and aunts, he was destined to become a chef.

As a child, he learned traditional recipes and techniques passed down for generations, sparking a lifelong love affair with cooking.

When Rodrigo moved to San Antonio to work for an uncle in the restaurant business as a teen, he was thrown into a world of new challenges and opportunities. He honed his skills in various front-of-house roles, but his true passion lay in the kitchen. So, he enrolled in culinary school at Auguste Escoffier and emerged as a culinary maestro, ready to work in fine dining restaurants and create unforgettable dining experiences.

As a sous chef, Rodrigo blends technical expertise with a warm, approachable demeanor, elevating every dish he creates. He is constantly pushing the boundaries of the culinary industry, always seeking new and innovative ways to thrill his guests. As a highly motivated and dedicated sous chef, Rodrigo has achieved one of his prominent career aspirations in the culinary field by working as an executive chef and a sous chef.

His passion for creating memorable culinary experiences for people drives him to exceed expectations continually. With a strong desire for growth and learning, Rodrigo recognizes that the dynamic and ever-evolving culinary industry offers endless opportunities for growth and innovation. He is eager to make his culinary world a rich and fascinating experience for everyone eating at Colette.