Peruvian Ceviche


Red snapper, aji amarillo, lime juice, cilantro, peruvian corn, sweet potatoes.

Paramour Ceviche


Yellowfin tuna, lime juice, passion fruit, red onions, cilantro, tomato, Jalapeno, cucumber, wasabi avocado mousse.

Mini Crispy Taquitos


6/pc. Minimum 2pc lobster. Red snapper ceviche, spicy tuna, lemon grass chipotle lobster (all taquitos served with lettuce, red radish, aji amarillo sauce, and jalapeno lime froth air).

Sweet Gaisha


Baby mixed greens, deep fried soft shell crab, hearts of palm, sun dried tomatoes, pickled shitake mushrooms, grapefruit segments, ginger passion fruit dressing.



Yellowtail (lemon grass) $23
Ora salmon (orange and miso mustard) $20

Cold & Raw


Market Price

Jumbo Shrimp

Market Price

Alaskan King Crab

Market Price



Prosciutto, ham, serrano ham, italian pistachio mortadela, salami, manchego cheese, brei cheese, goat cheese, panela cheese, bleu cheese, pickeled artichokes, Guava ate, assorted fruit, assorted nuts, pure honey, fig jam, habanero bacon jam, beet hummus, house made crostinis.

House Guacamole


Fresh made guacamole, diced tomatoes, red onions, jalapenos, cilantro, and lime juice.


Xo Xo Suculento


Ora salmon, buffalo mozzarella, crispy onions, shizo leave, chipo mayo.

Marlyn Monroe Roll


Spicy tuna, watermelon, jicama, thai basil, orange mustard miso, orange segments, eel sauce.

Libre Roll


Wagyu beef, foie gras, chimichurri sauce, chipotle red beet sauce, king crab, cucumber, asian pear, shizo leave, 24k gold leaves.

Acevichado Roll


Red snapper ceviche, cream cheese, poblano peppers, avocado, crab, deep fried in tempura, petrolio glaze, aji amarillo, fried leeks.

Hot to the table

Duck Birria Arepas


Eight hour duck confit in its own fat and guajillo chile, pasilla chile, chile morita con bien with aromatic herbs served in a corn traditional venezuelan deep fried pastry, oaxaca melted cheese, red pickled onions, and napa cabbage.

Mushroom Tobanyaki al Ajillo


Assorted mushrooms sauteed in garlic, thin sliced guajillo chile yuzu butter, orange liqueur, coconut milk, garlic chips, and deep fried leeks.

Chef Danny's Chicken Lollipops


Chicken drumettes deep fried tossed in spicy citrus teriyaki sauce, cashews, and cilantro.

Short Rib Barbacoa Spring Rolls


Short rib braised for eight hours in dark mexican beer, napa cabbage, carrots, black truffle habanero aioli, yuzu air froth.

Asian Pozole Ramen


Pork broth with guajillo and pasilla chile, lemon grass sauce, hominy corn, half boiled egg, pork belly, pasilla chile hoisen sauce, red radish, ramen noodles, lettuce shizo leaf, oregano, roasted chile de arbol on the side and served with corn tostadas.

Forest of Seduccion


Black truffle and huitlacoche rissoto, hemp, spirulina, assorted mescaline leaves, micro greens, and assorted mushrooms.


(two skewers served with caramelized peruvian corn, lime juice, and cilantro).

Organic chicken and aji amarillos and lime zest


Beef tenderloin and aji panca pasilla, green onions, and garlic chips


Shrimp lemongrass


Chilean sea bass with miso


Zucchini and cherry tomatoes with chimichurri


Tlayuda Libre


Grilled and baked yellow corn masa with aromatic herbs, black beans, chipotle and chorizo sauce, oaxaca cheese, cured ahi tuna, fried leeks, pickled red onion, kimchi, cilantro, wasabi avacado mousse, lemongrass mayo.

Chef diablo sliders


Three sliders wagyu beef patty, black truffle chipotle demi glaze, foie gras, deep fried buffalo mozzarella, baby mixed greens, chipotle mayo, bacon, caramelized onions, 24k gold, shishito peppers.

Half Shell Sea Scallops


Baked half-shell sea scallops topped off with a jalapeno and thai basil crust, black truffle aioli, and poblano ash.



Traditional brazilian seafood stew, red snapper filet, jumbo shrimp, octopus, new zealand mussels, clams, dende oil, coconut milk, white rice with chimichurri sauce, cilantro, and cashews.

Japanese kobe beef grade a5 hot stone ishiyaki
$40 per oz – 5 oz minimum

Tacos Lust (3pc)


Wagyu beef tenderloin thin sliced, smoked gouda cheese, red beet chili sauce, garlic lime sauce, fried cilantro, lemon grass fried onions, and 24k gold.

Xaman (3pc)


Thinly chopped shrimp sauteed with garlic butter, poblano peppers, white corn, oaxaca cheese, tortilla dip in a guajillo sauce, then grilled, pickled mitake mushroom, red onions, creamy chipotle sauce, and lemon grass fried onion.

Steak & Frites


14 oz. Prime rib-eye, house chimichurri sauce, fries, black truffle aioli, parmesan cheese, and parsley.

Agujita Nortena al Piquin y Romero


14 oz black angus aguja nortena steak with rosemary and chile piquin hose sauce.

Osso Bucco al Pibil


Kurobata pork shank slow braised for eight hours in achiote, yuzu japanese fermented orange, chile pasilla, chile guajillo, aromatic herbs served with handmade corn tortillas.

Rack of Lamb al Pastor


Australian rack of lamb, marinated in achiote, japanese yuzu fermented orange, assorted chiles, and herbs grilled and served with a couscous a la mexicana, red beet organic paint.

Lobster de Vicente


Baked lobster stuffed with lobster meat tail and claws, poblano peppers, spinach, white corn, red onions, shitake mushrooms, poblano and black truffle cream sauce, ritz cracker crust, balsamic reduction, and beet organic paint.

Poblano Miso Chilean Seabass


Poblano chile, miso, and sake marinated chilean seabass served with assorted seasonal vegetables, aji mango sauce, and pickled assorted veggies.


Fried spicy citrus teriyaki brussel sprouts


House Fries


Truffle Fries


Steamed Rice


Peruvian Corn




Yucca Fries A La Huancaina


Frijoles con Veneno





Assorted mixed berries, red wine, brie cheese, pistachio, vanilla bean ice cream, shifonad basil, balsamic reduction.

Six Layer Chocolate Cake


Assorted mixed berries, red wine, brie cheese, pistachio, vanilla bean ice cream, shifonad basil, balsamic reduction.

Perfect Storm


Guava pistachio eclaire, strawberry paletas with red and white chocolate, spicy mexican chocolate churros, assorted fruit, six layer chocolate cake, assorted mochi, and cotton candy.